Change Fan Speed to prevent overheating and YLOD. Play all games discless
without converting to DEX Console.

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Prevents YLOD

The PS3 Tools designed to prevent the YLOD (Yellow Light On Death) and other overheating problems on Playstation 3 console. It does this by allowing you to manually controlling the speed of the internal cooling fan, thus greatly reducing the heat that causes the YLOD.


1. No hardware installation required.
2. Significantly decrease PS3 temperature up to 20°C.
3. Fan Control starts automatically when PS3 turns on.
4. Unlike the payload, this does not affect directly the games performance. So, no lags, no stutters.
5. Ability to overwrite syscon fan speed configuration. When PS3 temperature raised, fan speed automatically increased.

Discless Gaming

The PS3 Tools designed to saves PS3 Blu-ray Drive from stress so it does last longer because you don't need a disc inserted to PS3 Blu-ray to play any games.


1. No need to convert your PS3 to DEX Console.
2.Ability to fix blackscreen games (like BDMIRROR option on multiMAN).

Notice that there is no support for this feature (only) for those who have a broken BD-Drive. Some games like God Of War III and other games that need disc inserted will not work on a broken BD-Drive. It only works discless in a non broken BD-Drive using this PS3 Tools.

For 4.50 CFW

PS3 Tools works on most Custom Firmware (CFW) CEX 4.50 except Rebug CFW or all DEX CFW.

Important Note: PS3 Tools DONT works on Rebug CFW or any DEX CFW



1. Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
2. Hard Disk: 150MB free spaces or more.


Firmware: 4.50 CEX CFW (Except Rebug and All DEX CFW)

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